Payment Process

Our 5% SPIFF is based on total sales amount, less freight, returns, rebates, allowances, credits and any other special handling charges. PO’s with special pricing less than dealers standard discount do not apply. Checks will be issued monthly based on paid invoices during that month. Payment will be issued by the 20th of the following month. Checks will be issued to the individual salesperson registered. That individual is responsible for all applicable federal or state income taxes. A W-9 form must be completed before payment is made. Salespersons who accumulate $600 or more in SPIFF monies will receive a 1099 at year end. Ghent, Waddell and VividBoard will make payments retroactive to the first of the month of initial registration.

SPIFF Terms & Conditions

To qualify for GMi’s SPIFF Program, dealership must be current to receive timely SPIFF payments. Participants in the SPIFF program must be an authorized dealer sales representative for Ghent, Waddell and VividBoard products and must be 18 years or older. SPIFF will be paid on net sales of GMi products and sales representatives must be registered with the program before the purchase order is received. Any dispute or discrepancy will be handled on a one-off basis between GMi and dealership.

Spiff offer cannot run in tandem with other contractual agreements such as Buying Groups, Co-op’s etc. APPLIES TO STANDARD DEALER DISCOUNT ORDERS ONLY. In the event a salesperson’s SPIFF ID number is not included with the initial PO, GMi will accept and apply the ID number if notified within 30 days of order entry.

Please call your Contract Furniture account manager with the PO number, salesperson’s name and SPIFF ID number:

Please click above and complete your W9 form. Once completed, please save a copy for yourself and email a copy to