Operational leadership in pursuit of our organization’s mission – to give GMi customers “Exactly What They Want” – supporting the sales, marketing, product development, engineering, manufacturing and logistics teams.


Background History:

Developing operational leadership capabilities and competencies in the aerospace, steel, automotive, CPG, food & flavors, fabrication, plastics, print, instrumentation and composites industries has been the bulk of my 25-year career. Public companies – General Electric, LTV Steel, UBE Industries, Procter & Gamble, ThyssenKrupp, Armor Holdings, Lancaster Colonies – have been primary to this foundation; though I place special value on what I’ve learned from the many small to mid-sized private or family owned businesses with which I’ve had the good fortune of working. I take a particular interest in cultivating employee-engagement environments that cater to customers and associates alike, while pursuing ever higher standards of performance.


Get to Know Me:

Primary pastimes revolve around enjoying my three teenage children and their interests, coupled with some form of competitive activities – golf, foot races, and other participative sports – as well as spectator sports at the college and professional levels. University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University and the professional Cleveland franchises are my favorites, in addition to the Cincinnati Reds.